What is Seeding?

Seeding is a practice used to generate the same set of random data for the same value of a seed. In GenRocket, a seed value may be assigned to ensure that the same random data set is generated for a value of a seed every time. The seed value can be any number. It informs the generator to generate the same set of values for that specific domain attribute each time the scenario is executed.

Once a number has been entered as the seed value, that value is associated with a specific set of random data.

The same value can be entered in multiple locations within the GenRocket web platform including a Domain’s Global Seed Variable and the Generator configuration for an Attribute.

Example 1: Referencing the Seed Domain Variable in a Domain Attribute

The global.User.seed Domain Variable can be referenced by a Generator’s seed Parameter to ensure the same random data is generated each time.

For example, if global.User.seed is referenced by a firstName Attribute within a User Domain, then the same random first names will be generated each time the Scenario is run.

After the global.User.seed Domain Variable has been referenced by the firstName Attribute, you can use the Refresh icon within the Domain Dashboard to see that the generated values remain the same each time the Preview Pane is refreshed.

Example 2: Referencing the Same Seed for two Number Attributes

For this example, two Attributes will be used to demonstrate seeding: number1 and number2.

Each Attribute is using the RandomGen Generator to display random numbers ranging from 1 to 25.

A value of 1 is entered for the seed Parameter for both the number1 and number2 Attributes.

Because seed Parameter has the same seed value, the following data will be generated data for both Attributes each time the Scenario is run.

If no seed value is entered or different seed values are entered, then the random data set will be different for each Attribute.



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What is Seeding?

Seeding is a practice used to generate the same set of random data for the same value of a seed.

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