What is a Global / Organization Resource?

Organization Resources (formerly called Global Resources) are variables shared by all users throughout an organization, but whose values may differ for each user. They are available to all Projects and Project Versions within the organization.

Organization Resources allow each user to enter their own directory path for shared resources. This makes it possible for any user within a given Organization to download a Scenario and run it on their local computer.

These resources are most often referenced by Receiver parameters and Generator parameters to avoid hard coding a value that may be specific to a particular user.

Each Organization Resource consists of the following:

  • Resource Name – Shared by all users within the organization.
  • Resource Value – Defined per user in the organization.

They can be viewed in the upper right corner of the Project Dashboard after the user logs into the GenRocket Web Platform, as shown below:


There are 2 users who want to download and run the same project Scenario on their local machines:

  • Mary Jones will define her output directory path as, /Users/MaryJones/Downloads
  • David Smith will define a different for himself as, /Users/David/Downloads

If Mary had hard-coded her path on a Receiver or Generator that was included in a given Scenario, then if David was to download the same Scenario, it would not run successfully on his computer because his output path would be different.

This is where Organization Resources provide a helping hand. Organization Resources make it possible for the second user to enter a different output directory path for running the same Scenario. Now both users can download the Scenario without affecting one another!


Organization Resources Overview Article


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Organization Resources (formerly called Global Resources) are variables shared by all users throughout an organization

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