UI How to Generate Test Data with Test Data Cases (or G-Cases)

This lesson will show you how to generate test data using the Test Data Case that we have set up throughout previous lessons within this module.

Note: These steps differ slightly if you are using G-Repository. This lesson is designed to show how to manually download the required items and generate test data using a Test Data Case.

Step 1: Download the Needed Items for Test Data Generation

To generate your test data, you will need to download the following:

  • Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set
  • Test Data Case Suite

This can be done by clicking on the Cloud Icon for each needed item. For this example, we will be downloading the AllScenarioChains Scenario Chain and the LoadTestingSuite G-Case Suite.

Note: You can download more than one Scenario at a time by using the Batch Download button.

Step 2: Select the Test Data Case and copy the Command Line

Each Test Data Case within a G-Case Suite will have a command line that you can copy and paste into a Command Prompt or Terminal Window.

Select the Test Data Case Suite, Category, and Case you want to generate data for and then copy its command.

Step 3: Open a Command Prompt or Terminal Window

Open a Command Prompt or Terminal window on your local computer. Then change the directory to match your output directory within GenRocket.

Step 4: Paste the Command Line into the Command Prompt or Terminal Window

Paste the command into the Command Prompt or Terminal Window.

Step 5: Replace with the Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set Name

Once the name has been replaced, press your Enter key to run the command.

Sample Output

For this Test Data Case example, we want to generate 100 Users. Each User should have 2 Accounts, which totals 200 Accounts. Each Account should have between 1 and 3 Addresses.

To generate this data, we created a Scenario Chain that contains three Scenarios: UserScenario, AccountScenario, and AddressScenario. We then downloaded the Scenario Chain.

Because we have assigned the DelimitedFileReceiver to each Domain, 3 delimited files will be generated.

User Test Data

The User Domain test data contains 100 records.

Account Test Data

Each User has 2 Accounts. This is shown within the User Column.

Also, 200 total Accounts have been generated:

Address Test Data

As shown in the Account Column within the generated Address Delimited File, each Account has 1 to 3 addresses.



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