Test Data Stories (G-Stories) Overview

Test Data Stories are a key part of GenRocket’s Self Service Test Data Portal. We organize all Test Data Story functionality into a part of the GenRocket platform we call “G-Stories.”

Within the G-Stories platform, users can set up a suite of Test Data Stories (or G-Stories), which can be used to further customize how GenRocket generates test data.

A Test Data Story Suite can only exist within a given Project Version of a Project and can contain multiple Test Data Stories.

What is a Test Data Story (G-Story)?

  • Test Data Story is used to package Scenarios, Scenario Chains, or Scenario Chain Sets with Test Data Cases to generate complex test data.

  • A Test Data Story contains one or more Chapters, and each has their own Components for generating test data. A Component can be a Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set and optionally a Test Data Case.

When should Test Data Stories be used?

  • Any time a user wants to use multiple Test Data Cases in combination with different Scenarios, Scenario Chains, and Scenario Chain Sets to generate test data.

What is the G-Stories Management Dashboard?

  • It is GenRocket’s management dashboard for Test Data Stories.

What does the G-Stories Management Dashboard do?

  • It allows users to define, organize, and maintain different sets of Test Data Stories, also called a Test Data Story Suite or G-Story Suite.

How to access the G-Stories Management Dashboard?

  • Within the Project Versions Pane, expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for a Project Version of a given Project.

  • Select G-Stories within the drop-down menu.

How do you use Test Data Stories (G-Stories)?

  1. Add a Test Story Suite to a Project Version within a given Project
  2. Add one or more Test Data Stories to the Suite
  3. Add Chapters to each Test Data Story
  4. Add Components to each Chapter within a Story
  5. Copy the Command Line within the G-Stories Dashboard
  6. Run the Command within a Command Prompt or Terminal Window

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