Test Data Rules (G-Rules) Overview

In this lesson, you are going to learn about GenRocket Test Data Rules and GenRocket’s Test Data Rules Management Platform, fondly known as G-Rules.

What is a Test Data Rule?

  • A Test Data Rule (TDR or G-Rule) defines the conditions to be met for a specified Domain and Attribute and the actions to be performed when those conditions are met.
  • Test Data Rules form a conditional if-then statement.

When should you use Test Data Rules?

  • Any time you want to apply business logic to generated test data.

What is the G-Rules Management Platform?

(Also referred to as the G-Rules Management Dashboard)

  • GenRocket’s management platform for test data rules.

What does the G-Rules Management Platform do?

  • It allows you to define, organize, and maintain different sets of Test Data Rules, also referred to as Test Data Rule or G-Rule Suites.

How to Access the G-Rules Management Platform

Test Data Rules are specific to a Project Version within a given Project.

  • Expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu within the Project Versions Pane.
  • Select G-Rules within the drop-down menu.

How to use Test Data Rules?

  1. Create a Test Data Rule Suite to organize the Test Data Rules into a group of rules.
  2. Create different Test Data Rules within the Suite.
  3. Build out your different Test Data Rules with Conditions and Actions.

What is the Benefit?

  • You can easily apply business logic to generated test data for complex testing challenges!

What will you learn in this Module?

In this training module, we will show how to set up a Test Data Rule Suite for an Account Domain that contains 3 Test Data Rules and 1 Default Test Data Rule.

Once the Test Data Rule Suite has been set up with all four rules, we will show you how to add the Test Data Rule Suite to a Test Data Case.



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