Self Service for EDI Overview

The next step will be to customize the EDI Document/Transactions Set using the Self Service Platform. Users can customize the EDI Document/Transaction Set by using the following three Self Service components:

  • Test Data Cases – Referred to as G-Cases
  • Test Data Rules – Referred to as G-Rules
  • Test Data Queries – Referred to as G-Queries

Test Data Cases (G-Cases)

With G-Cases, users can customize the EDI Document/Transaction Set based on a specific test case or business scenario (e.g., Institutional Health Insurance Claim, Ambulance Claim, Adding Subscriber Coverage).

Each G-Case represents one test case or business scenario. Within a G-Case, users can customize the following:

  • Segments/Loops included within the generated EDI Document/Transaction Set
  • Number of generated Documents/Transaction Sets
  • Number of generated Segments/Loops (e.g., number of claims, number of service lines) within a Document/Transaction Set
  • Customize the values generated for each Element/Attribute

GenRocket provides accelerated G-Cases based on standard business scenarios for each EDI Document/Transaction Set.

These G-Cases are automatically provided within the EDI Project and accessed using the G-Cases button within the EDI Management Dashboard. The image below shows the accelerated G-Cases for an 837I EDI Document.


G-Rules may be created within a suite and added to a G-Case to apply specific business logic during EDI test data generation. A G-Rule Suite may be added to one or more G-Cases and is applied automatically when the G-Case is used to generate the EDI Documents/Transaction Sets.


G-Queries may be used to query real data within a Database or CSV File and map it to a specific Domain Attribute (i.e., Element) within the EDI Project. The generated EDI Document/Transaction Set will contain the real value that was queried from the Database or CSV File.

Important: An increased number of G-Queries will increase the time it takes to generate EDI test data.

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