How to Generate One Claim With Multiple Service Lines

This lesson will show how to generate one file containing one claim with multiple service lines. This change will be made within a G-Case.

Steps for Generating One Claim with Multiple Service Lines

For this example, we will be modifying the Loop Count for Loop_2400V1 within an EDI 837P Document. The Loop Count for Loop_2400V1 determines the number of service lines generated per claim within a file.

Please note that the steps below will be the same for other EDI Documents; however, the Loop Name will be different.

Step 1: Select the G-Case Suite within the G-Case Management Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the G-Case Category and G-Case.

Step 3: Add Loop_2400V1 to the G-Case. To do so, open the EDI Tree View and click on the Add (+) icon within the Action Column for Loop_2400V1.

The icon will change to a Pencil icon within the Action Column. Click the OK button to finish.

Step 4: Change the Loop Count for Loop_2400V1. For this example, we have set the value to 5 to generate five service lines per claim.

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