How to Create and Reference Organization Variables

In Lesson 3 of this training module, we created an accountId Organization Variable. This lesson will show two ways to reference an Organization Variable within a Project Version of a given Project.

Example 1: Reference an Organization Variable in Generator Parameters

An Organization Variable can be referenced within an Attribute’s Generator Parameter configuration.

Step 1: Double click on a Parameter input field within the Attribute Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the Organization Variables Tab.

Step 3: Click the Plus (+) to select an Organization Variable.

For this example, the startRange Parameter for an id Attribute will reference the Organization Variable created within the previous lesson and increment it by one for each record.

Example 2: Referencing an Organization Variable within a Test Data Case

Organization Variables can also be referenced within the Self Service Module by a Test Data Case (or G-Case). This can be done by viewing the Test Data Case Domain within the G-Case.

Step 1: Click on the View Test Case Domain icon within the Action Column.

Step 2: Within a Test Data Case Domain, you can create a new Attribute or add an existing Attribute and change its configuration. For this example, we will add an account Attribute. Click the Add Attribute button.

Step 3: Enter the Attribute’s Name and click Save.

Step 4: For this example, we have replaced the default assigned Generator with the RangeGen Generator. Double click to add a Reference for a Generator Parameter.

Step 5: Select the Organization Variables Tab and then click the Plus (+) for the appropriate Organization Variable Suite.

Step 6: Click the Save Generator button to save the change.

In this example, the first record will start with the Organization Variable value and then increment by 1 for each record:


Organization Variables Overview

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