How to Create an EDI Project

An EDI Project must be created to generate test data for an EDI Document or Transaction Set. A user can do this within the EDI Store by selecting a document type, version, and document and then creating the EDI Project.

Everything needed to generate EDI test data is automatically within the created EDI Project’s default Project Version. Once created, it may be customized to meet more specific testing needs.

An EDI Project will automatically have the required Domains for each Segment and Loop. Each Domain contains Attributes, which represent Elements within that Segment or Loop.

Each Attribute has an assigned Generator, which generates the required EDI Document or Transaction Set Values for an Element.

Important: If an EDI Project already exists with the standard naming convention, a version will be created rather than a new EDI Project when following the steps within this lesson. More information on EDI Project Versions is provided in the next lesson.

EDI Project Standard Naming Convention

Each EDI Project has the same standard naming convention. For example, here is the name for an EDI 837I Document Project: 837-I-005010-X223.

  • 837-I – EDI Document Type
  • 005010 – EDI Document Version
  • X223 – Guide ID

The existing EDI Header name will need to be modified to create multiple EDI Projects for the same EDI Document or Transaction Set.

To create multiple EDI Projects for the same EDI Document, change the existing EDI Header Name (i.e., EDI Project Name) before creating the new EDI Project.

Otherwise, GenRocket will create a new EDI Project Version for the existing EDI Project.

Note: For more information on how to change the EDI Header Name, click here.

How to Create an EDI Project

Step 1: Within the EDI Management Dashboard, click on the EDI Store button.

Step 2: Locate the desired document type in the EDI Document Pane using the Filter input field or scrolling up and down.

Step 3: Click on the Document Type to select it.

Step 4: If more than one exists, select the appropriate EDI Document Version.

Step 5: Click on the Create Project button for the appropriate document.

Step 6: Click Yes to create the EDI Project.

Step 7: Click OK within the notification to close it.

The project will be created automatically for you. This process may take a few minutes to complete.

The user who initiated EDI Project creation will receive an email notification once the process has finished.

Users will be able to view the new EDI Project within the EDI Management Dashboard.


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