How to Assign, Un-assign, and Re-assign Licenses for Named Servers

If you are an Organization Admin, you can assign, un-assign, or re-assign individual licenses to Servers added to your organization. A Server becomes a Named Server when a valid license has been assigned to it.

This lesson shows how to manage GenRocket Licenses and assign them to Named Servers within the My Organization Dashboard.

How to Access and Manage Licenses

The My Organization Dashboard can be accessed by performing the following steps within the web platform:

  • Expand the Organization Menu within the Menu Bar.
  • Select My Organization.

Servers that have not been assigned a valid License will show No in the Licensed Server Column within the Manage Users Pane.

Manage Licenses Pane

The Manage Licenses Pane shows each available user and named server license for your organization. It also shows what users and named servers have been assigned a license. It can be used to assign, un-assign, or re-assign licenses.

The number of licenses displayed within each tab will depend on what GenRocket product you have purchased. To receive additional licenses, you will need to reach out to

Within the Server Licenses Tab, you can see the following information:

  • License Number
  • Active Status
  • Assigned To Information
  • Date Activated

Servers with a valid license are referred to as Named Servers.

If a license has been assigned to a server, you will see the name of the server within the Assigned To column. Un-assigned licenses will have “Not Assigned” within the Assigned To column.

Options for Assigning, Un-Assigning, and Re-Assigning licenses can be found within the Change License column.

How to Assign a License to a Named Server

Click on Assign within the Change License column for an unassigned license.

Select a server from the Servers drop-down menu and click the Save button.

How to Un-Assign a License

Click on Un-Assign within the Change License column for an assigned license.

Click Yes in the dialog window.

How to Re-Assign a License to Another Server

Click on Re-Assign within the Change License column for an assigned license.

Select a server within the Servers drop-down menu and click the Save button.

Now the Windows 10 Server has been assigned the license that was originally assigned to the Linux Server.


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