How to Add a Story to an Epic

This lesson will show how to add a Story to an Epic for a selected Project Version of a given Project.

Added Test Dara Stories can belong to different Test Data Story (or G-Story) Suites. When a Parent Story is added to a Story Epic, then all sibling Stories will be used to generate test data as well.

How to add a Story to an Epic

Step 1: Select a Story Epic. The selected Story Epic will be highlighted in blue.

Step 2: Click the Add G-Story button.

Step 3: Select a Story from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: (Optional) A Test Data Case can be selected when adding a Story to an Epic.

Note: Test Data Cases can be selected for an added Story and will override any other assigned Test Data Cases.

Step 5: Click the Save button to finish adding the Story to the Epic.

The added Story will appear as shown below within the G-Epics Management Dashboard.

For this example, the same steps have been completed to add another Story from a different Story Suite.

Next Steps:

The following steps will need to be completed to generate test data for a Story Epic:

  1. Download the Story Epic
  2. Download each Chapter Component
  3. Download each Test Data Case Suite
  4. Copy and Run the Command

Note: These steps will be gone over in the next lesson of this Training Module.

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