The G-Analytics Dashboard is part of the GenRocket web platform for all customers who are VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and DPC (Dedicated Private Cloud). Currently, there are two available G-Analytics Dashboards: ActivityDashboard and UserActivityDashboard.

Each dashboard has a pre-configured set of reports that provide detailed statistics regarding Organizations, Projects, Project Versions, Domains, and much more. The ActivityDashboard is shown below:

How to View G-Analytics Dashboards and Reports

  • Click on the Organization Menu in the upper right corner of the application.
  • Select G-Analytics on the menu.

  • To select a different reporting dashboard, click on the selection menu in the upper left corner and choose a dashboard from the drop-down menu.



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G-Analytics Dashboard Overview

The G-Analytics Dashboard can be used to view pre-defined reporting dashboards with the precise information.

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