Achieving Test Automation Synergy

How Test Data Generation integrates with CI/CD pipelines and test automation tools
to unlock the full potential of accelerated software development.

Table of Contents

  1. Embracing Quality at SpeedExplains the industry trends driving the adoption of test automation with market research data.
  2. Thinking Differently About Test DataIntroduces a new way to think about test data as an intelligent, on-demand resource for testing.
  3. The Importance of Test Data QualityCovers the many aspects of data quality that should be considered when provisioning test data.
  4. Integrating TDG with CI/CDPresents an architecture and deployment model for continuous testing with integrated test automation.
  5. Maximizing Test Automation ROIProvides best practices and practical advice for maximizing your test automation investment ROI.
  6. Innovating Test Data SolutionsCovers a variety of test automation use cases that can be accelerated with real-time synthetic test data.
  7. Realizing Operational Benefits Summarizes the operational benefits and business value achievable with test automation synergy.