The Best Test Data Generator by Gregg Bolinger on Dec 19, 2013

Up to this point we’ve been trying to use this blog to provide useful tips and best practices when it comes to test data generators and generating test data in general.  We don’t want this blog to become some medium with which we just market our product.  But every now and then we do want to toot our own horn a bit.  In this blog post I want to briefly talk about what makes GenRocket the best test data generator.

Simple But Powerful

Whether you need to generate 100 addresses to an XML file or a million rows of complex metric data to a data warehouse, GenRocket can do it. We’ve tried very hard to make GenRocket the easiest test data generator on the market while at the same time keeping it powerful and feature rich.  We’re on the cusp of our next release and it is the simplest and most powerful GenRocket version to date.  We’ve simplified the foundation setup, added presets, and made several UI enhancements that let you generate data quicker and easier.

63 Generators (and counting)

Yes, 63 generators.  You can see a list of all of them here.  And we’re not stopping there.  We have many more planned and likely hundreds we haven’t even thought of yet.  The point is, GenRocket is capable of generating any kind of data you can imagine and chances are it already has a Generator that will work for your needs.  But if we haven’t thought of your Generator yet, let us know!  We’re always looking for more ideas to make GenRocket an even better test data generator.

Written by Engineers for Engineers

GenRocket was designed and built to solve a problem; testing software is hard and a large part of it is creating and managing test data.  Every feature of GenRocket is there for an engineering purpose.  While there are new concepts to learn with GenRocket, we designed and built it so that the barrier to entry is low enough and the user interface is familiar enough to anyone that has ever used an IDE.

Availability & Accessibility

GenRocket is a web based data generator so if you can access a web browser, you can use GenRocket.  It is built on Java technology which means you’re not locked into a single operating system.  If your computer can run Java 1.7 or higher, you can use GenRocket.  We’ve priced it so that it is accessible to just about anyone at $20 per month per user.  And there is a 14 day free trial!  You don’t even need a credit card.


We’re just scratching the surface in this article.  There are a lot of very technical reasons to choose GenRocket as your test data generator tool and we’ll continue to provide articles, whitepapers, videos, and documentation.  We don’t think there can ever be enough ways to provide help and support to our customers.  And we want your feed back.  As Software Engineers ourselves, we’ve built a test data generator that we believe is the best.  We want to know what you think so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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