Automated White Box Testing Service

Achieve Full Code Coverage and Reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

GenRocket Testing Service

GenRocket can automate white box testing in almost any programming language or application framework. To make sure we can deliver an automated white box testing service we need to see if your code is testable in its current format; to do so we will perform a free code evaluation. Fill out the form, and after signing an NDA, a GenRocket Architect will review your code.

Here is what makes us unique compared to other testing providers:

  • GenRocket developed technology to accelerate the creation of white box (unit and integration) tests by 10x.
  • Our team of quality engineers are here to help increase your total code coverage so you can ship high quality software as fast as you want.
  • The added benefit to having higher quality software is your total cost of ownership will decrease by ~50% over five years.
  • Service Pricing:
    • $5,000/Month for a full-time quality engineer
    • $3,000/Month for a half time quality engineer

Free Code Evaluation

What Our Clients Say

The GenRocket team has a deep understanding of software development and testing. Adopting their tools has helped us create a more scalable, stable product that will be able to keep up with our rapid growth. Best of all, we’re able to release new versions of our app more quickly and stay ahead of our competitors. Their platform is a no-brainer for any developer. -Jake Atwood CEO, Buzzbuilder

About GenRocket

GenRocket is an emerging technology leader in software testing technology, serving IT services companies and enterprise customers who demand superior quality and efficiency in their software development operation. GenRocket software redefines the role of complex integration testing with a platform that automates the generation of white box test code. It uses on-demand, real-time test data that scales to large and complex database environments while preserving referential integrity. Headquartered in Ojai, California, GenRocket operates in a number of international markets through its network of technology partners.