Seeding Randomly Generated Data to Generate Pseudorandom Data by Gregg Bolinger on Jan 22, 2014
When generating test data, often times we want some of that data to be random. The generated data might be names, product pricing, or a person’s age. Random data is a good way to test how a system reacts and handles a lot of different, and sometimes, unexpected input. There are also those times when we want random data but we need that random data to be in the same order each time we generate the test data with GenRocket. This is generally referred to as pseudorandom. Cryptography algorithms rely heavily on pseudorandom number generation. And now, all of GenRocket’s Generators that produce random data can now use a seed to generate pseudorandom data. In the video below I demonstrate this using a NameGen. The NameGen generates a list of either first or last names and can be generated in alphabetical or random order. If choosing random, we can now optional specify a seed value. Watch as the preview data is refreshed without a seed value. The names are truly random each time. When a seed value is added, the names are still randomly chosen from the full list of names, however, they will always show up in the same pseudorandom order.