Testing only 10% of your code?

Up until now, white box testing was a manual process. So most companies jumped onto the automated black box testing bandwagon. Unfortunately black box testing only covers about 10% of the code while white box testing covers 90% of the code base. GenRocket is the world’s first solution for automated white box testing. In the hands of a trained quality engineer GenRocket can speed white box testing by 10X.

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What this means for your Organization

Decrease testing headcount by up to 90%

Yes, we’re looking at the future where one trained quality engineer can do the work of 10 testers. For example, when creating white box tests the typical manual pace is creating around 2 tests per day or 40 in a month. A GenRocket quality engineer recently created 770 white box tests in one month.

Increase software quality from good to great

Automated white box testing opens the door to applications being fully tested – so going from 10% of the code being tested to almost 100% of the code. This has the potential for software quality to leap from good to great.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 50%

According to Capers Jones in his book “The Economics of Software Quality” high quality software can lead to a 50% reduction in the total cost of ownership – meaning that over a 5 year life cycle of an application that would have cost $2 million to design, develop, test and maintain the total cost of ownership of that software application can be reduced by 50% or $1 million.

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This 5 page white paper includes content on:

  • The components of the GenRocket System
  • The GenRocket Design Patterns
  • How GenRocket Generates White Box Test Code
  • 2 Case Studies of companies using GenRocket

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