What are Domain Variables?

Domain Variables are instance variables of a Domain and may be referenced by all of a Domain’s Attribute’s Generator’s Parameters.

A Domain’s Variables may also be referenced by other Domain’s Attribute Generator Parameters, making a Domain’s variables global to other Domains.

Domain Variables are versatile, when their values are modified, all referencing Generator Parameters immediately reflect the change.

Three default Domain Variables are created for each Domain and you can also create your own custom Domain Variables.

Domain Variables Standard Naming Convention

Domain Variables have a standard naming convention.

  • global.domainName.variableName

Default Domain Variables

Each time a Domain is created, it is automatically assigned three default Domain Variables:

  • global.DomainName.id – Defines the primary ID for a Domain, which represents the start range of the Id Attribute.
  • global.DomainName.loopCount – Defines the number of times a Domain’s data is generated by a Scenario.
  • global.DomainName.seed – Used to make Generators that generate random data generate the same random data set for a seed value every time Scenario is being run.

The default value for each of these Domain Variables is 1. The value may be modified; however, these variables cannot be deleted from the Domain.

Custom Domain Variable Example

This example shows a custom startDate Domain Variable within the Domain Variables Pane:


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Domain Variables are instance variables of a Domain

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