UI Receiver Dashboard

The Receiver Dashboard can be used to manage Receivers that have been added to a Domain. Here, you can:

  • View and Manage Receiver Parameters
  • View and Manage Receiver Attributes Property Keys
  • Add Receivers to the Domain
  • Remove Receivers from the Domain

For some Receivers, you can also view and manage the File and Directory Configuration for generated output files and output subdirectories.

Viewing and Managing Assigned Receivers

You can view and manage each assigned Receiver in the upper left corner of the Receiver Dashboard. Here, you can do the following:

  • Select a Receiver within the Dashboard
  • Enable or Disable Logging for a Receiver
  • Edit an Assigned Receiver’s Parameters and Attributes Property Keys
  • Delete a Receiver from the Domain
  • Change the Order of Assigned Receivers
  • Add a New Receiver to the Domain

Parameters Tab

The Parameters Tab can be used to view and manage the selected Receiver’s Parameter configuration.

Parameters with an asterisk* are required and all other Parameters are optional. Please note that the displayed Parameters vary per Receiver.

Attributes Property Keys Tab

The Attributes Property Keys Tab can be used to view and manage a Receiver’s Attributes Property Keys. Displayed property keys will vary per Receiver.

Click on an Attribute name within this pane to view and configure values for each Attribute’s Property Keys.

File and Directory Config Tabs

When a Scenario is run, the generated output will be in a single file that contains every record for most configured Receivers.

The File and Directory Configuration Tabs, when available for a Receiver, allows you to customize the following:

  • The number of records in each generated Output file.
  • The number of files in each generated Output Subdirectory.
  • The naming convention of the Output File.
  • The naming convention of the Output Subdirectory.

Note: Please note that the File and Directory Config Tabs are not available for all GenRocket Receivers.


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