UI How to Add Test Data Case (or G-Case) to a Suite

In this lesson, you will learn how to add a Test Data Case (or G-Case) to a selected Test Data Case Suite and Category.

Test Data Cases should be used when you want to define and build test data for a specified G-Case Category (e.g., Load, Unit, Integration).

Step 1: Add a Test Data Case (G-Case) to a Category

  • Select the Test Data Case Suite within the G-Cases Management Dashboard.
  • Select a Test Data Case Category.

  • Click on the Add G-Case button.

  • Enter a Name and Description for the G-Case.

  • Click the Save button.

Once a Test Data Case has been created, three icons will be present within the Actions Column:

  • Pencil Icon – Can be used to change the Test Data Case Name.
  • Copy (Pages) Icon – Can be used to copy a Test Data Case.
  • Trash Can Icon – Can be used to remove a Test Data Case from the selected Category and Suite.

Step 2: Add Domains to the Test Data Case

Next, you will need to add Domains to the Test Data Case. This can be done by clicking on the Plus (+) icon located to the right of each Domain Name.

Step 3: Set Loop Counts for the Domains

The Loop Count for each Domain will default to the global.DomainName.loopCount value. This can be changed by clicking on the Update Domain Loop Count icon.

Next, select a Loop Type within the dialog window:

  • Constant – A constant value or reference a Domain or Global Variable.
  • Random – Data is generated randomly based on entered min and max values.
  • Increasing – Data is generated in increasing order based on entered min and max values.
  • Decreasing – Data is generated in decreasing order based on entered min and max values.

Click Save to save your changes.

The Loop Count configuration for each Domain is shown below.

User Domain Configuration

Account Domain Configuration

Address Domain Configuration

Completed Test Data Case Configuration

This Test Data Case will generate 100 users. Each user will have 2 accounts for a total of 200 accounts. Each account will have 1 to 3 addresses.



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