UI How to Add a Test Data Rule Suite to a Test Data Case

In this lesson, you will learn how to add a Test Data Rule or G-Rule Suite to an individual Test Data Case within a Test Data Case Suite. We will be adding the following G-Rule Suite to a G-Case:

How to Access the G-Cases Management Dashboard

  • Select a Project within the Project Dashboard.
  • Expand the Self Serve Options Menu within the Project Versions Pane and select G-Cases.

How to Add a Test Data Rule Suite to a Test Data Case

Select the Test Data Case Suite or G-Case Suite within the G-Cases Management Dashboard.

Select a G-Case Category and a G-Case.

Next, select the G-Rule Set Tab in the bottom right of the dashboard.

Note: G-Rule Suites were formerly called “Sets”.

Within the G-Rules Set Tab, click on the Add G-Rule button.

Select one or more G-Rule Suites and then click the Add button.

Once a Test Data Rule or G-Rule Suite has been added to a Test Data Case, the rules will automatically be applied when the Test Data Case in run with a Scenario, Scenario Chain, or Scenario Chain Set.

Previously, generated data had no logic and a rewardLevel was generated randomly for each Account record.

If we generate the data now with the G-Rule Suite added to the G-Case, the data will appear as shown below. Now rewardLevel has been assigned based on the balance Attribute value for each Account.



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