UI How to Access Test Data Rules and Create a Suite

In this lesson, you will learn how to access the G-Rules Management Dashboard and create a Test Data Rule (or G-Rule) Suite.

What is a Test Data Rule Suite?

  • A set of Test Data Rules that can be used to apply business logic during test data generation.
  • Each Test Data Rule Suite has its own Test Data Rules with defined Conditions and Actions that form a conditional if-then statement.

How to Access Test Data Rules or G-Rules

  • Select a Project within the Project Dashboard.
  • Expand the Self Serve Options Menu within the Project Versions Pane and select G-Rules.

G-Rules Management Dashboard

The G-Rules Management Dashboard can be used to view and manage each Test Data Rule or G-Rule Suite for a selected Project Version within a given Project.

Within this Dashboard, you can create and manage Test Data Rule Suites. Below is an image of the Test Data Rule Suite we will show how to configure within this training module.

How to Create a Test Data Rule Suite

  • Click on the Add G-Rule Set button within the G-Rules Management Dashboard.

  • Enter a Name and Description for the Test Data Rule Suite.
  • Click the Save button.

    Note: The No Condition option, when checked, prevents users from creating rules with conditions for the suite. Only a Default Rule with one or more Actions can be created when this option is enabled.

  • Once a Test Data Rule (or G-Rule) Suite has been created, you will be able to begin adding rules and setting up their conditions and actions.

Test Data Rules for this Module

In the next four lessons, we will be showing how to set up 3 Test Data Rules and a Default Test Data Rule within the suite that was just created.

These rules apply to the Account Domain within the selected Project Version. The Account Balance determines the Reward Level for each Account.

Test Data Rule 1

IF (Account.balance >= 50000 && Account.balance <= 99999)

THEN Account.rewardLevel == “Gold”

Test Data Rule 2

IF (Account.balance >= 25000 && Account.balance <= 49999)

THEN Account.rewardLevel == “Silver”

Test Data Rule 3

IF (Account.balance >= 5000 && Account.balance <= 24999)

THEN (Account.rewardLevel == “Bronze”

Default Test Data Rule

THEN Account.rewardLevel == “Basic”

Please continue to the next lesson to learn how to set up Test Data Rule 1 with the required Conditions and Actions.




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