Supported Databases and Connection Requirements

This lesson provides information about supported databases and how to connect GenRocket Runtime to a database.

Supported Databases

To view a list of all supported databases, please see the following article:

Why connect GenRocket Runtime to a database?

There are two reasons to connect GenRocket Runtime to a database:

  1. To retrieve data from the database while generating data using GenRocket Runtime. This is typically done using Generators such as ListQueryGen, QueryBeforeLoop. etc.

  2. To populate tables in the database using receivers like GenericSQLInsertReceiver, MySQLInsertReceiver, etc.

Note: To use these Generators and Receivers, GenRocket leverages JDBC.

What is JDBC?

JDBC stands for Java™ database connectivity (JDBC) and is the JavaSoft specification of a standard application programming interface (API) that allows Java programs to access database management systems. GenRocket can connect to any database that supports JDBC.

Connection Steps

GenRocket can connect to most databases with an available JDBC Driver. A few steps are required before GenRocket can query data from and populate tables within a database. The following steps must be completed:

Step 1: Download the Appropriate JDBC Driver for your Database

Note: This file will be different for each database. Some providers offer their own JDBC Driver, while others must be obtained from a third party provider.

Step 2: Create a Database Connection Properties File

This file contains the necessary information for connecting to the actual database.

Step 3: Add or Update the

This Resource is necessary for GenRocket to know the location of the Database Connection Properties File on your local computer.

General users will only need to update this resource if it has already been added by the Organization Admin.

Note: For more information about each of these steps, please see this knowledge base article: How do I connect GenRocket Runtime to a Database.

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