Story Epics (G-Epics) Overview

Story Epics (or G-Epics) are a key part of GenRocket’s Self Service Test Data Portal. We organize all the Test Data Epic functionality into a part of the GenRocket platform we call “G-Epics.”

What is a Story Epic?

  • Story Epic is a suite of individual Test Data Stories.

  • Stories added to a Story Epic can belong to the same or different Test Data Story Suites.

When should you use Story Epics?

  • Any time complex test data needs to be generated using multiple Test Data Stories.

  • Story Epics can be used to populate many tables or an entire database using a single command.

What is the G-Epics Management Dashboard?

  • It is GenRocket’s management dashboard for Story Epics.

What does the G-Epics Management Dashboard do?

  • It allows users to define, organize, and maintain Story Epics or G-Epics.

How to access the G-Epics Management Dashboard?

  • Within the Project Versions Pane, expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for a Project Version of a given Project.

  • Select G-Epics within the drop-down menu.

How do you use Story Epics?

  1. Add a G-Epic to the selected Project Version
  2. Add individual Stories to the Story Epic
  3. Download the Story Epic
  4. Download all Scenarios, Scenario Chains, and Scenario Chain Sets
  5. Download all Test Data Case Suites or individual Test Data Cases
  6. Copy and Run the Command Line

Note: Many files may need to be downloaded to a user’s local computer to generate test data using Story Epics. We recommend setting up and using G-Repository and G-Repository Client to ensure the required, most up-to-date Scenarios and Instruction Sets are available to users automatically on their local computer.

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