Step 2: Domain Referencing Wizard

This lesson covers the second step within the XTS Wizard. The Domain Referencing Wizard can be used to review, validate, and set up Parent/Child/Sibling Relationships for Domains created from the XTS Import Process.

Note: This lesson builds on content provided within previous training module lessons.

Step 1: Click on the Domain Referencing Wizard to get started.

Within the Domain Referencing Wizard, you can view, validate, and set up Parent/Child/Sibling Relationships between Domains.

Step 2: Select a Domain to review within the first pane.

Note: Filters can be used to search by Name, to filter out Root Domains, and to view Reviewed or Not Reviewed Domains. You can also set custom search criteria.

Once a Domain is selected, you will see its relationship information within the Domain Referencing Wizard.

Step 3: Use the radio buttons to set a Domain as the Parent and the checkboxes to set Domains as Siblings. You can also remove a parent by clicking on the Minus (-) icon.

If changes are made to the Parent/Child/Sibling Relationships for a selected Domain, it will be automatically marked as reviewed. The Domain will have a checkmark in the Reviewed Column and the graph below the Domain Relationship configuration will automatically update.

Note: If no changes have been made, you will need to click on the Mark as Reviewed button for the checkmark to appear in the Reviewed column.

The Domain Referencing Wizard will appear as shown below once all Domains have been reviewed.

Step 4: Click on XTS Wizards in the breadcrumb bar to return to XTS Wizard.

Step 5: Once finished, click on Mark Completed for Step 2.

Step 6: Click Yes in the prompt window.


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