Modifying First Domain Variables (Formerly Known as Global Variables)

This lesson will show you how to modify your first set of Domain Variables for a Template Domain. Any changes made to Domain Variables at the Template Level cascade down to all Scenarios within the Domain. Scenarios can be locked to prevent changes from cascading down to them.

Each time a Domain is created, it is automatically assigned three default Domain Variables. The default value for each of these Domain Variables is 1.

  • global.DomainName.loopCount
  • global.DomainName.seed

Domain Variables are managed within the Domain Dashboard.

Defines the primary ID for a Domain, which represents the start range of the Id Attribute.


Used to make Generators that generate random data generate the same random data set for a seed value every time Scenario is being run.


Defines the number of times a Domain’s data is generated by a Scenario.

The global.User.seed Domain Variable can be referenced by a Generator’s seed Parameter to ensure the same random data is generated each time.

For example, if global.User.seed is referenced by the firstName Attribute within a User Domain, then the same random first names will be generated each time the Scenario is run.

After the global.User.seed Domain Variable has been referenced by the firstName Attribute, you can use the Refresh icon to see that the generated values remain the same each time the Preview Pane is refreshed.

How to Modify the Value of Domain Variables

A Domain Variable Value can be edited by clicking on the Pencil icon.

Click on the Value input field and enter a number value. Then click the Save button.

The new value will be shown in the Domain Variables Pane within the Domain Dashboard.

Note: The same steps can be performed to change the value of other Domain Variables.


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