Linked and Logical Generators Overview

Linked and Logical Generators can be used to generate complex, conditioned test data.

What are Linked Generators?

Linked Generators provide the ability to generate complex, conditioned test data without the necessity of having to access another Attribute’s generated value.

Multiple generators can be linked together to generate data for an Attribute. Linked Generators can be referenced by other Linked Generators.

In the example below, four Generators have been linked together to generate a user’s full name.

The image below shows a sample of the generated data:

What are Logical Generators?

Logical Generators support the creation and generation of complex, conditioned data for complex software business logic and business challenges.

These Generators can be located by selecting the Business Logic Generators Category in the Add A Generator dialog window.

Note: In the next few lessons we will provide examples for Linked and Logical Generators.

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