Import Multiple Domains from a DDL

DDL File can be read to create multiple Domains within a Project Version of a given Project. This lesson will show how to create multiple Domains from a DDL File.

How to import Multiple Domains from a DDL

Step 1: In the Projects Dashboard, select a Project and Project Version.

Note: Make certain the appropriate Project Version has been selected if more than one version exists within the Project.

Step 2: Navigate to the Domains Pane. Expand the New Domain drop-down menu and select the Import from DDL option.

Step 3: Select the Import Multiple Domains from DDL option and click the Next button.

Step 4: Select a Vendor from the drop-down menu (mysql for this example).

Step 5: Click on Choose File to browse to and select your DDL file.

Step 6: (Optional) Enable the Enforce Type/Limit option to ensure Generator value limits are automatically enforced when importing a DDL.

Step 7: Click the Save button once finished.

Step 8: Your DDL file is now placed in a queue. Please wait patiently for your DDL to be imported. Click OK to close the dialog window.

The DDL Import will appear within the Queue Status Pane in the Project Dashboard. Here, you can see the Queue ID, Action, and Status for the import.

Note: You will receive an email when the import has started and when the import has completed. Once you receive the completion email, your Domains have been imported into the selected Project Version.

DDL Audit

After you import Multiple Domains from a DDL, you will be able to view a DDL audit to see if any errors occurred.

You can view your DDL import audit in the Project Versions Pane by completing the steps below for the appropriate Project Version.

Step 1: Click on the GenRocket Table Schema (GTS) Audit Details icon.

Step 2: Within the DDL Audit Dialog, select the DDL import you want to audit and click the Next button. If this is your first time importing you will only see one.

The DDL Audit will appear as shown below. Click Close to close the Audit Details dialog window.


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How do I create multiple Domains from a DDL?

The Import from DDL option can be used to import your data model as a single data definition language (DDL) or multiple into a Project.

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