How to Set Up a Child Project to Inherit From a Master Project

Once the Master Project has been set up and configured appropriately, any Project Version that is not a Master Project Version can become a Child Project Version that inherits from it.

Each Child Project will have the Master Domains, Master Attributes, Master Generators, and Parent/Child/Sibling Relationships defined within the selected Master Project and Master Project Version.

Changes to Master Domains, Master Attributes, and their Generators are not allowed within a Child Project. However, changes to these items within the Master Project itself are permitted.

Important: Once a Child Project inherits from a Master Project, you will be unable to add more Master Domains or change the relationship between Master Domains within the Master Project. You will still be able to manage existing Master Domains and their Master Attributes / Master Generators.

How to inherit from a Master Project

For this example, we have set up two Child Projects that will need to inherit from the Master Project created in Lesson 3 of this training module:

  • ChildProject1
  • ChildProject2

These steps will need to be completed for each Project Version of a Child Project that will need to inherit from the Master Project.

Step 1: Select the Project within the Project Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Master Project Management icon for the appropriate Project Version of a given Project.

Step 3: Click on the Add Master Project button within the Master Project Management dialog window.

Step 4: Select a Master Project and a Master Project Version. Click the Save button once finished.

Step 5: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 6: Click Close once finished.

If Child Project 1 from this example is selected within the Project Dashboard, you will see that it contains the three Master Domains that were set up within the Master Project we created in Lesson 2 of this Training Module.

If Child Project 2 from this example is selected within the Project Dashboard, you will see that it has the three Master Domains as well:


Master Projects Overview

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Master Projects Overview

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