How to Generate EDI Test Data

This lesson goes over the steps a user must take to generate EDI test data on their local computer.


The user will need to have completed these tasks before going through the steps within this lesson:

  1. Download the EDI Config File to Local Computer
  2. Rename the EDI Config File to Config.xml
  3. Place the EDI Config File in the appropriate subdirectory
  4. Download the Scenario Chain Set
  5. Download the G-Case Suite or Test Data Case File

How to Generate EDI Test Data for Downloaded G-Case Suite

The command to generate data for an individual G-Case is provided at the bottom of the G-Case Management Dashboard. This command will change based on the selected G-Case Suite, G-Case Category, and G-Case.

By downloading the G-Case Suite to their local computer, users can generate EDI data for any G-Case within the Suite. The user will need to copy and paste the command line into a Command Prompt or Terminal window.

Step 1: Open a Command Prompt or Terminal window.

Step 2: Change the directory to the home directory on the user’s local computer.

Step 3: Paste the copied command into the Command Prompt or Terminal window.

Step 4: Change <ScenarioName.grs> at the end of the command line to the name of the downloaded Scenario Chain Set. Press the Enter key.

Note: This process may take additional time for generating large numbers of EDI Documents/Transaction Sets. Using the Scenario Thread Engine will decrease the time it takes to generate EDI Data. To learn more, please see the accelerated features training module.

How to Generate EDI Test Data for Custom Named Test Data Case Files

When the Selective Test Data Case Download feature is used to download one or more G-Cases, the user can change the file’s name before downloading it. The steps will be the same for generating EDI data; however, the command line will be slightly different in this case.

Command Line

The command line for an altered Test Data Case File Name will appear as shown below:

genrocket -tdc <TestDataCaseFileName>:<TestDataCategoryName>.<G-CaseName> -r <ScenarioName.grs>

Sample Command Line

The sample command line below is for the businessScenario03a G-Case included within the downloaded MyFunctionalitySuite Test Data Case File shown above:

genrocket -tdc MyFunctionality.gtdc:Integration.businessScenario03a -r EDI837IScenarioChainSet.grs

Sample Standardized EDI 837I Generated File

Please note that this file is the standardized template for an EDI 837I Document.

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