How to Download a Test Data Case (G-Case)

Users can download G-Cases to their local computer by downloading the entire G-Case Suite or selecting individual G-Cases using the Selective Test Data Case Download feature. This lesson will show both methods.

How to Download a G-Case Suite

This method will download the entire suite, thus making every G-Case available for generating data. Once downloaded, the user will need to run the appropriate G-Case command line to generate EDI data.

Click on the Download (Cloud) icon for the desired G-Case Suite within the G-Cases Management Dashboard.

How to Select Individual G-Cases to Download

Users can select and download one or more G-Cases within a specific G-Case Suite and Category.

Step 1: Select a G-Case Suite within the G-Cases Management Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the G-Case Category that contains the needed G-Cases.

Step 3: Click on the Download (Cloud) icon for the G-Case Category.

Step 4: Use the checkboxes to select each G-Case. Selected G-Cases will have a checkmark.

Step 5: (Optional) Use the field at the bottom of the form to change the name of the Test Data Case File.

Step 6: Click on the Download button to download the Test Data Case file.


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