How to Create Organization Variables Within a Suite

For this lesson and example, an Account ID Number must be referenced and used by testers in several Projects within the Organization. Without using Organization Variables, this variable would need to be created within each Project it needs to be referenced within.

An Organization Variable can be created within a suite so that each tester does not have to create the same variable multiple times. Once created, each tester can reference the Organization Variable as needed throughout every Project within the Organization.

How to create and reference Organization Variables

Step 1: Expand the Management drop-down menu and select Organization Variables.

Step 2: Select an Organization Variable Suite within the dashboard.

Step 3: Click the Create Variable button.

Step 4: Enter a Name and Value. Then click the Save button.

Note: The value is what will be used when the variable is referenced within a Project Version of a given Project.

The Organization Variable will appear on the right side of the dashboard. The displayed variables will depend on what Organization Variable Suite has been selected within the dashboard.


Creating and Managing Organization Variables

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