How to Create Organization Attributes

This lesson shows how to create an Organization Attribute within the GenRocket web platform.


Testers need to generate a 10-digit random, unique code consisting of 4 numbers, 2 characters, and then 4 numbers that will need to be used across several test data projects.

To save time and make this process easier, an Organization Attribute can be created with the required Generators and then referenced by any Project within the Organization.

This will require three primary steps:

  1. Create an Organization Attribute within a Suite
  2. Add Generators to the Organization Attribute
  3. Modify Generator Parameter Values

Note: At least one Generator must be assigned to the Organization Attribute to generate test data.

Create an Organization Attribute

Step 1: Select the Organization Attribute Suite.

Step 2: Click the Add Organization Attribute button.

Step 2: Enter a Name and Description for the new Organization Attribute.

Step 3: Click the Save button to finish.

The new Organization Attribute will appear as shown below:

Add Generators to the Organization Attribute

To complete the Organization Attribute configuration, you will need to add at least one Generator to the Organization Attribute. A single Generator or multiple Generators can be added at one time to the selected Organization Attribute (highlighted in blue).

For this example, five Generators have been assigned to the code Organization Attribute.

  • gen1 – Generates first 4 random numbers
  • gen2 – Generates first random character
  • gen3 – Generates second random character
  • gen4 – Generates second 4 random numbers
  • gen5 – Combines the values generated from the first 4 Generators into a single code.

To add a single generator:

Step 1: Select the Organization Attribute and click on the Add Generator button.

Step 2: Enter an Alias (optional) and select a Generator from the drop-down menu. Click the Save button.

To add multiple Generators:

Step 1: Click the Add Multiple Generators button.

Step 2: Select each Generator from the drop-down list by typing in all or part of the Generator’s name.

Step 3: Click the Save button.

Modify Generator Parameters

Click on a Generator to select it. The selected Generator will be highlighted in blue, and its Parameters will appear to the right. The steps for making changes to Generator Parameters and saving these changes are the same as when working with Domain Attributes.

Completed Example

The completed example is displayed below:

Lesson 4 of this training module will provide a quick example of how an Organization Attribute can be referenced directly within an Attribute’s Generator Parameters.


Organization Attribute Overview

How to create Organization Attributes

How to add Generators to an Organization Attribute

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