How To Create Domains Using Scratch Pad

Scratch Pad provides a quick method for creating a Domain and its Attributes within the GenRocket web platform. This lesson shows how to create a new Domain using Scratch Pad.

How to Create a Domain with Scratch Pad

Step 1: Select Scratch Pad within the New Domain drop-down menu.

Step 2: Enter a Name for the Domain.

Step 3: Enter a Delimiter name or select an item within the drop-down menu.

Step 4: A Column Delimiter should be used when the Attribute contains additional information such as the size or data type. This delimiter (e.g., colon) will separate the information within each Attribute.

For this example, a column delimiter will not be necessary.

Step 5: Enter or paste the Attribute names for the Domain.

Step 6: Click on the Create with Generators button.

Step 7: Review the Attributes and click the Save button.

Step 8: (Optional) Globally edit one or more Attributes.

Step 9: Click the Close button to close the Browse and Manage Attributes dialog window.

The new Domain will be displayed within the Domain Dashboard, as shown below:


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How do I use Scratch Pad to quickly create a Domain?

GenRocket offers numerous ways to add Domains to your Test Data Project including XTS (Extract Table Schema), DDL, CSV, Project Presets and Scratch Pad.

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