How to Add, Edit, and Disable Users

If you are an Organization Admin, you can add, manage, and disable/enable users in your organization. This lesson shows how to add and manage users within the GenRocket web platform.

How to Access and Manage Users

The My Organization Dashboard can be accessed by performing the following steps within the web platform:

  • Expand the Organization Menu within the Menu Bar.
  • Select My Organization.

Manage Users Pane

The Users Tab within the Manage Users Pane can be used to manage each User’s Account. Within this tab, you can:

  • Add New Users
  • Edit User Information
  • Assign or Remove Roles for Users
  • Send a Password Reset Email to a User
  • Enable or Disable Users

How to Add a New User

  • Click on the New User button within the Users Tab.

  • Enter the following account information for the new user: 
    • Email Address – Must be a valid email address (e.g.,
    • First Name – First name of the User (e.g., April, John, Sam).
    • Last Name – Last Name of the User (e.g., Hatton, Doe).
    • Password – Login Password for the user.

  • Note: Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain:

    • At least 1 Number (e.g., 1, 2, 3)
    • At least 1 Capital Letter (e.g., A, B, C)
    • At least 1 Special Character (e.g., #, @, %)
  • New Users will be assigned the General User Role by default. Users who have been assigned this role are only able to view and change information about their own account.
  • You can assign another User Role by clicking on a checkbox next to the User Role Name.

    • Click the Save button to finish adding the new user.

    • The new user has now been created in GenRocket.

      Note: An email containing the user’s account login information (Username and Password) and a link to the GenRocket web platform will be sent to the Email Address entered for the user.

    How to Edit a User

    The Pencil icon within the Users Tab can be used to edit a user.

    Within this dialog window, you can perform the following actions:

    • Update Information for a User
      • Email Address
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • Assign or Remove User Roles
    • Change the Password for a User
    • Enable or Disable a User

    Remember to click the Save button after making changes to a user’s information, roles, or after disabling/enabling them.

    How to Disable Users

    The Enabled column within the Users Pane will show what users are currently enabled and disabled.

    Click on the Pencil icon for the user within the Users Pane.

    The Disabled checkbox can be used to disable a user. When it is not checked, the user is enabled.

    A user is disabled when the Disabled checkbox has a checkmark.

    Click the Save button after enabling or disabling a user.

    Note: At any time, you can enable a user by clicking on the Pencil icon again and unchecking the Disabled option.


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