What is G-Delta?

G-Delta (currently in development) is a lifecycle management tool used to monitor changes (deltas) between a local database’s metadata and a GenRocket Project Version whose Domains and Attributes represent the database model.

To use G-Delta, a user sets up a G-Delta Client on their local computer. The G-Delta Client can monitor one or more database schemas, with each schema being associated with a given GenRocket Project Version.

The G-Delta Client gets configured to extract a database’s schema over a defined time interval (e.g., Every 12 Hours). After extraction has occurred, the following set of steps will occur:

  1. The schema is encrypted and sent to the GenRocket web platform.
  2. The GenRocket web platform has a listener that looks for G-Delta files sent by the G-Delta Client.
  3. GenRocket will extract the schema and compare its related Project Version’s Domains and Attributes against the extracted schema.
  4. An Audit Report is created from this comparison and sent to one or more Organization Admins via email for validation.
  5. The Organization Admin will click on the link within the email and be sent to a G-Delta Review Form after logging into the GenRocket web platform.
  6. The Org Admin will then review the audit and verify each audit entry as a go or no go.
  7. Once finished, Org Admin will select to execute updates from the audit.
  8. GenRocket, in the background, performs refactoring based on the verified audit entries, marks each entry as completed upon its completion.
  9. GenRocket archives the audit for historical tracking.

Example Audit Items

  • We think you have added a new Domain. Do you want to add this Domain to the Project Version?
  • We think you deleted a Domain. Should it be removed from the Project Version?
  • We think you have renamed this Domain. Should it be renamed in the Project Version?

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