EDI Test Data Cases (G-Cases) Overview

This lesson provides a quick overview of Test Data Cases, also referred to as G-Cases, and how they can be used to customize generated EDI Documents/Transaction Sets.

EDI Project Standard Template

A created EDI Project will already have the required Domains (i.e., Segments/Loops), Attributes (i.e., Elements), Scenarios, Scenario Chains, Scenario Chain Set, and Receivers for generating the EDI Document/Transaction Set.

A Generator is assigned to each Element/Attribute and will generate one or more values to create the standard template. All Segments/Loops within the EDI Project are enabled by default.

The EDI Document/Transaction Set will be generated from the standard template unless it is customized within a G-Case. EDI Documents/Transaction Sets generated without using G-Cases will not have the appropriate Segments, Loops, and Element Values for a specific test case or business scenario.

How to Access G-Cases

G-Cases can be accessed through the EDI Management Dashboard by completing the following steps:

Step 1: Select the EDI Project within the EDI Header Pane.

Step 2: Select the EDI Project Version within the EDI Versions Pane.

Step 3: Click on the G-Cases button.

How are G-Cases used for EDI?

G-Cases can be used to customize the EDI Document/Transaction Set for an individual test case or business scenario. G-Cases belong to a G-Case Suite and Category (i.e., Load, Negative, Integration, Smoke). A Suite may contain many categories, and a category may have one or more G-Cases.

Each G-Case generates the required EDI test data for a single test case or business scenario. The G-Case setup determines what EDI data will be included within each generated Document/Transaction Set. Within a G-Case, users can do the following:

  • Enable and disable Segments/Loops
  • Set the Loop Count for Segments/Loops
  • Add a Test Case Domain for a Segment/Loop
  • Add Attributes to a Test Case Domain
  • Make Generator Parameter Changes for an Element/Attribute
  • Assign a different Generator to an Element/Attribute

Note: This training module shows how to perform the above actions to set up G-Cases to generate customized EDI Documents/Transaction Sets.

Accelerated G-Cases for EDI

GenRocket provides accelerated (or pre-configured) G-Cases for each EDI Document/Transaction Set to aid in generating EDI test data. They can be copied and quickly altered to generate EDI test data for a specific test case or business scenario.

The G-Cases reside within an Integration Category in an automatically created G-Case Suite. The entire suite or individual G-Cases may be copied and modified as needed. For example, the following accelerated G-Cases are available for EDI 837I Documents:

  • Institutional Health Insurance Claims
  • Two Claims for the Same Provider
  • PPO Repriced Claim
  • Out of Network Repriced Claim
  • Automobile Accident

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