Deleting: Receiver Delete Wizard

The Receiver Delete Wizard can be used to filter to a set of Domains, select a Receiver, and remove the Receiver from each Domain.

Step 1: To access the XTS Wizard, expand the Self Serve Options Menu for a Project Version of a given Project and select XTS Wizard.

Step 2: Select the Receiver Delete Wizard.

Step 3: Click on the Take Ownership button.

Step 4: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 5: Click on Step 1: Select Receiver within the far left pane.

Step 6: Click Select Receiver to Delete to select a Receiver.

Step 7: Each Receiver that has been assigned to a Domain will be displayed within the Add a Receiver to Edit/Delete dialog window. Click the Plus (+) to select a Receiver to delete.

Step 8: Click on Step 2: Select Domains within the left pane.

Step 9: Select a Search Criteria option, enter a Keyword, and click Filter to view Domains matching the criteria:

  • All – View all Domains.
  • Exact Match – Domain name must match the entered keyword precisely.
  • Begins With – Domain name must begin with the entered keyword.
  • Ends With – Domain name must end with the entered keyword.
  • Contains – Domain name must contain the entered keyword.
  • Regex – Domain name must meet the defined regex criteria. Hover over the Regex option to view the criteria.

For this example, All has been chosen as the Search Criteria.

Step 10: Click on each checkbox to select Domains that the Receiver should be removed from. You can also use the Select All option to select all Domains.

Step 11: Click on Step 3: Execute Changes.

Step 12: Click on the Start Execution button.

Step 13: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 14: The wizard will appear as shown below once execution has finished. Click on Home (Summary) in the left pane.

Step 15: Click on Click to Confirm & Validate the Execution Changes to finish.

Step 16: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 17: Click on XTS Wizards within the breadcrumb bar to return to XTS Wizard.


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