Adding Attributes After an XTS Import

After importing an XTS File into a Test Data Project, you may need to add one or more additional Attributes to a Domain.

An Attribute can be added to a selected Domain through the Domain Dashboard at any time. For this example, a ssn Attribute will need to be added to the User Domain created during the XTS File Import.

How to add an Attribute to a Domain

Step 1: Select the Project and Project Version within Project Dashboard.

Step 2: Select the Domain within the Domains Pane.

Step 3: Click the New Attribute button within the Domain Dashboard.

Step 4: Enter a Name for the Attribute and click the Save button.

The new Attribute will appear at the bottom of the list. You can use the Rearrange Attributes button to change the order of Attributes.

A Generator will be automatically assigned by the Data Warehouse based on usage statistics. You can click on the ssn Attribute within the Domain Dashboard to:

  • Assign a different Generator
  • Make changes to the assigned Generator’s Parameters
  • Link Generators to build more complex data


How to add an Attribute to a Domain

How to assign a Generator to a single Attribute

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