Automated White Box Testing Solution

Black Box Testing is Not Enough

Black box testing (i.e, Functional Testing) is important for testing the end-to-end user experience but, on average, only tests 10% of your source code. So by itself, black box testing is ill suited to test business logic, integration points, and database interactions. This leaves 90% of your code vulnerable to bugs – some of them may be catastrophic to the operation of the code and all of them are expensive to fix in a production environment.

White Box Testing Provides the Coverage You Need

White box testing provides full coverage of complex source code. The difficulty of white box testing is the time and expertise required to generate the test data, the code needed to insert the test data into the database with parent-child relationships, and generating the source code for the tests. Most software developers would much rather create application code than test their code and many testers lack the programming knowledge to write their own white box tests.

GenRocket accelerates white box testing by more than 10x by automating many of steps required in white box testing. With a few hours of training, any software developer or quality engineer who knows the programming language, the application framework, and database normalization will be able to do automated white box testing.

Our Automated White Box Testing Platform

Speed up white box testing

GenRocket enables test engineers to increase the speed of white box testing by 10x.

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Fully Test Your Code

Black box testing only tests about 10% of your source code. With automated white box testing from GenRocket, you can achieve full code coverage.

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Enabling Continuous Testing

The only way to enable continuous testing and continuous integration is by automating the white box testing process.

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Save Money by Finding Bugs Early

Find bugs early in the development process. If you are finding your bugs in production they are 10x more expensive to fix.

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White Box Testing Consulting

Our team of testing experts are here to help. From a discussion of testing strategy best practices to the details of a test plan implementation.

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White box Testing Training

Need help? Make use of our training resources.

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  • The four steps to automated white box testing
  • How GenRocket automates white box testing
  • The GenRocket design patterns
  • The benefits of automated white box testing

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